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The right accessibility solution to fit your needs!


Customer Satisfaction is #1 at Republic Elevator. We are not just equipment installers; we will help you find the right vertical solution for your home. We are committed to install only high quality Elevators, Accessibility Lifts, Stairlifts and Dumbwaiters. Whatever vertical solution you choose, you can feel confident that your project will be constructed in a safe and professional manner.


Residential Elevators 
Residential Elevators are more affordable and convenient than ever before. They are a great solution for people looking to remain in their home for years to come. Elevators can be designed into new home construction or existing homes. They will also add value and prestige to your home. We install a full line of quality home elevators including Hydraulic and traction design.





Residential Dumbwaiters 

Dumbwaiters are a convenient way to transport materials from floor to floor. They can be used to haul virtually anything - groceries from garage to kitchen, firewood from basement to living room, or laundry from a first floor utility room to a second floor bedroom. Dumbwaiters are becoming fashionable again because they take up very little space yet save the homeowner or businessman a trip up and down stairs.





Accessibility and Stair Lifts 
Accessibility Lifts include vertical lifts, inclined platform lifts and mobile lifts. They can provide access to a deck, porch or balcony and travel up to 23 ft. When stairs become a struggle, or even a hazard, we can design a custom solution that is right for your home. These lifts can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

Republic Elevator offers a full line of electric and battery powered stair lifts for residential and commercial use. They can be used for nearly any application, including: straight or curved stairways, spirals, intermediate landings and overruns. This is the least expensive and simplest solution to the problem posed by stairways.



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