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Only Republic Elevator Company does complete, turn-key installation. In addition to efficiently handling any & all of your elevator's needs, Republic Elevator Company is able the complete electrical repairs, drywall, carpentry and all other tasks necessary for a complete installation, upgrade or modernization. No need to hire anyone else for any other reason.


Republic Company Company also manufactures nearly all elevator components.  
We can build a custom cab for you or introduce other Elevator Manufacturers' components or complete elevators, acquire & install them with professionalism & artist-like precision.  
We even have our very own Fire Alarm System within the controller unit.


If your Elevator is in need of any kind of upgrade or you are interested in a more contemporary and modern elevator,
Give Republic Elevator a call for a free quote.




Contact your Republic representative for the following:


  • Compliance with State or City Preliminary Orders

  • Annual No Load & 5 year Full Load tests

  • Monthly testing of Fire Recall Phase I & II

  • General survey of equipment to determine condition & future action

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