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Welcome to

Republic Elevator Company



Republic Elevator has been California's leader in vertical transportation for over 30 years. As an Independent company, we specialize in your Commercial & Residential needs.



  • Cost effective, professional, and efficient vertical transportation consultation.

  • One of California's largest independent non-proprietary elevator contractors.

  • Safety first, high quality installations, service, modernization, and repair. Member of the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation and NAEC.

  • Our professional staff can offer direction and advice based on decades of combined experience.

  • Customer's needs and priorities come first with Republic Elevator Company.



At Republic Elevator Company we care about our reputation. We strive to maintain the standards set when we were established in 1981. San Jose to San Diego, Republic Elevator Company has the answers to all of your vertical transportation needs.


24 Hours a day, 7 Days a week.


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